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03 Jan, 2017

How to implement a comprehensive management system using open source tools

'Wineem needed a flexible information management system that would be able to adapt to the demands of our business. We selected Uniqs as our technology partner to carry out the task of implementing OpenERP and Magento solutions for their background, we haven't been wrong in our election' - Lived SRL, Argentina. June 2012 The Uniqs methodology, applied by its consultants based on technical and managerial interviews, has allowed a detailed knowledge of the current and future needs of the organization in terms of growth demands. Our study has also included technological and financial aspects with the aim of being able to contemplate the current situation that arises from the context of the textile industry. The planned implementation of functionalities has enabled Winnem to gradually move its applications to OpenERP and Magento, gaining experience on each module implemented in a controlled manner.